UK UNREST - London Riots: BBC Interview Gets Testy

With all the facts so far known about the London riots -- 700 people arrested, 16,000 police on the streets, unrest in half a dozen cities over four long nights -- it's surprising how little has yet to emerge about the rioters themselves: What are they after? What drove them into the streets, for four nights straight, to burn buses and shatter windows?

Earlier Tuesday, the BBC interviewed Darcus Howe, a 68-year-old radical West Indian writer and journalist from Brixton, where some of the most violent disturbances took place over the last couple of days. Faced with a stern and flummoxed interviewer, Howe offered a rare, unvarnished glimpse into the mind of the young people in the streets this week, describing the regular mistreatment exacted upon his sons and grandsons by the police.

"Our political leaders have no idea, the police have no idea," Howe said, of the level of frustration and discontent among the youth in England.

"I don't call it rioting, I call it an insurrection of the masses of the people," he added. "It is happening in Syria, it is happening in Clapham, it is happening in Liverpool, it is happening in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, and that is the nature of the historical moment."

"Do you condone what happened in your community last night?" the interviewer, Fiona Armstrong, asked Howe, over the course of an exchange in which she cut him off several times.
"Of course not! What am I going to condone it for?" Howe replied. Later, after she accused him of taking part in riots in the past, he said, "Have some respect for an old West Indian negro instead of accusing me of being a rioter."

My Views !!

First of all, i pay my conduclance to deaths occured in between these protest/riots or may be a begining of soft revolution or what ever you say it.
Here is must say, british politicians and specially media should now really head towards theirselves, and their locals, instead of putting nose to others business and just criticising others. 
Well, Did you saw that ? !!! That was London... UK,  If this could be happen in Pakistan or other country, that would be considered as an ACT OF TERRORISM, or according to BBC "KARACHI UNREST" even that whole nation would be blamed a "Terrorist nation" BUT.............. this time its UK-LONDON so BBC and Western media wants to keep it slow, keep it calm and they are actually trying to HIDE nothing happened at all. Tun on BBC at the moment, you'll found out like there are so many other important issues/happenings around the world and everything is so peacefull in their own local area.
Ahh... hypocrites !!
This is the same thing that America has done in past, To keep people so busy watching news around the world and don't let know whats happening in their own city/country below their nose.
one more thing i have noticed on this, western media keep calling it minority issue or "black people's issue" but i think actually it isn't. we can see videos here and all over youtube, those are not only "black people". I considered them Blind and Fools, who calls it "lack of communication" or "miss understanding" to any ethnicity. I think that was just the frustration that had to blow up one day. frustration of unemployment, univercity  people in england are so scared to go out these days, whether they are Muslims, Christians or so called "blacks", no body is safe and not only in England, it goes to other cities as well. Personally i think this is not just a "death of a black guy", this is a kind of volcano that was build this is London'iers due the same hypocritical thought of politicians and elite class of mentioned city. London is no more that peaceful and civilized London now.
I wish, everything become alright as soon as it can because no matter what happened, all those damages belongs to people hearts and souls.. and that is not forgivable.
May Allah Hold Everyone there,in the palm of his hand. 

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