A Chinese Company ‘GooApple’ Launches An Android Phone

GooApple Price and Specifications

China has made many fake copies of expensive mobiles which look original but actually they are not. People buy these phones just for showing off. China phones frankly speaking are not durable and mostly come with no warranty.  But this time a Chinese company by the name of GooApple has manufactured a phone which surely is a unique one and does not seem to be a piece of trash.

The company has named this phone as GooApple 3G and this is the only phone of its type. Have you ever imagined that a phone will come with the common features of iPhone and Android? Now GooApple has done it. The GooApple 3G is made by the amalgamation of the features of iPhone and Android.
This phone exactly looks like the Apple iPhone 4. The size, display and buttons, everything is exactly in the same position as it was in the iPhone 4. You will surely be amazed to hear that it is like iPhone4 to such extent that it is easily be fitted into the casing covers which have been manufactured for iPhone 4. So if you have seen iPhone 4 then you can say that you have also seen the GooApple 3G because they are exactly the same from every angle except the logo on the back.

The GooApple logo has been set at the back of this phone. Its logo shows an android which has tattooed an Apple logo on its chest.


Following are its features.
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPS
  • 5.0 mega pixel camera
  • Runs on Qualcomm CPU
  • The OS is Android 2.2 froyo
  • Stereo speakers
  • Multi touch screen
  • Bluetooth
By reading the above features you must be very astonished. If we talk about the operating system then it’s damn good, because Android 2.2 froyo is not an ordinary operating system. It is one of the most powerful systems which can support almost any modern application. Plus it means that this phone can run thousands of applications available on the android market. From this device you can enjoy the experience of Android features on an iPhone.
This phone can be bought from the GooApple website and it costs almost $262. This is the first device which is made by mixing the features of two best things.

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